How to write a professional email

A number of students will be doing Easter internships or vacation schemes. If that’s you, you’ll probably find that you’ll be given a temporary login and expected to send emails. Simple? Well, maybe not. Are you sure that you know how to appropriately word a professional email? It is different from emailing a mate!

How to apply for the LPC

So you’re getting to the end of your law degree and pondering what to do next and the solicitors’ profession beckons. You’re yet to secure a training contract but keen to continue your legal studies, so doing the LPC seems a logical option. How do you go about this?

Could you work for a start up?

I talk a lot about law being a semi-vocational degree. You don’t have to become a professional lawyer just because you’ve studied law. This is something that Kitty Harris from start-up BrighterBox is very well aware of. I asked her to share her thoughts with us. Over to Kitty…