How to stand out from the crowd

Hello. Welcome to the first post on this new blog. It’s a tough call to work out what to offer as the inaugural advice and I wanted it to be for everyone, in all years. So, here we go. Top tips to stand out from the crowd.

tattoos240Now you need to stand out in the right way. The student who completed a whole grad scheme application in text speak stood out all right. LOL no job!  So what can you do?

Be charming

chimp-smiling200Smile, be helpful and accommodating. How about this for a scenario? An employer is on campus and there aren’t enough chairs for the presentation panel. One attendee sits down in the front row ready to make sure he/she doesn’t miss anything. Another goes off for several minutes in pursuit of an elusive chair, returning after the event has started. Who has stood out from the crowd? The chair bringer can always check at the end to find out what he/she missed.

Be knowledgeable


If you’re meeting employers on campus you presumably plan to be in the right place at the right time? Make sure you do some research into the employer too. The employer has taken the time and the trouble to get onto campus and is looking to meet prospective future employees. “What do you do?” is not a good start to your meeting. The student who can ask a question which demonstrates a thorough reading of the employer’s website is set to impress.

Be authentic

Authentic blue grunge retro style isolated seal

Let your personality come through. The bubbly person might have a natural ability to engage others but the serious, quiet student eventually joining a conversation to make a considered and insightful comment can also arrest the attention of others in a really positive way. Never try to be someone you’re not, chances are you’ll come across as a bit weird if you do that.

Engage with those around you

Be part of the community at university. Successful students don’t just go to lectures and seminars and go home. They involve themselves in student politics, in running clubs and societies, in volunteering, in music, art and drama. These students have things to talk about outside the rigours of their courses and become interesting people. People who stand out from the crowd.

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