10 ways to gain valuable experience despite the pandemic

The Careers Blog

Securing much-needed internships and work experience in order to boost your CV and chances of securing a graduate job have always been competitive. Lockdown 3 is making things a real challenge, so what can you do to get some much-needed experience despite COVID?

Most graduate recruiters will be understanding of the obstacles students are currently facing. According to a recent graduate labour market update by Prospect’s Charlie Ball, some recruiters do still hope to offer in-person internships over the summer. However the reality is that many won’t be in a position to do so for a while yet. You therefore need to explore alternative ways and means to acquire your experience.

The good news is that by broadening out your definition of what constitutes a valuable experience there are a variety ways you can enhance your employability. Here are a range of opportunities to suit your different needs and interests…

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