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Do you have a dream role, or future job in mind? Small and large organisations alike will require you to complete online job assessments as part of their application process. These vary from ‘traditional’, though extremely common, aptitude tests to ‘modern’ styles of assessment, such as game-based assessments (now used by 10% of employers) and video interviews.

As the area of online job assessments has become a staple for employers when recruiting, so too has the amount of preparation required by candidates to impress in their application. It is now essential more than ever to get familiar with the types of assessments that may be put in front of you. Consider the recent study (Bradley et al, 2019) that found that candidates applying to the Times Top 100 Employers who do not practise assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). As when practicing any sport…

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