7 FREE online questionnaires to help get you started on your career planning

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I confess I’m a sucker for free online questionnaires and there are many that will enable you to explore possible career ideas, values, preferences and motivations. Rather than treat the notion of career planning as a serious endeavour, why not have some fun playing with some questionnaires to see whether what you find may help you contemplate alternatives?

Health warning

These questionnaires are not ‘the answer’– they won’t tell you what to do and they shouldn’t be seen as attempting to label or limit you. You will always be much more than the results of a few questionnaires. However, you might find that you come up with some helpful ideas to explore further. Discovering different facets of yourself may reveal what’s important to you and open up new ideas.

Having a friend who is also staring out on their career planning and working through the same questionnaires together…

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