What should you ask at the end of an interview?

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At the interview you want to secure an offer by demonstrating that you are by far and away the best candidate. The invitation from the recruiter to ask questions is a gift. Asking the right questions illustrates your motivation for the post and the research you’ve put in.

Firstly, what not to ask.

  • Anything readily available to you beforehand or that you can find on the organisation’s webpages
  • The interview is not the place to discuss any aspect of Terms and Conditions. Wait until you are in receipt of a job offer before you ask about benefits, pay etc
  • Nothing that infers criticism of the company, or which asks for information the company is not at liberty to disclose such as ‘how many candidates are being considered?’

Once when I was chairing an interview panel I was asked by a candidate, ‘do staff members get discount at the gym?…

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