How to create your personal brand

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What impression do you make on others? How do you know? The way you present yourself to the outside world, what you say and what you do, your attitudes, behaviours and values, all create an impression in others’ minds. People will judge you, fairly or otherwise, on first impressions. Once you become aware of how others perceive you, you will improve your chances of both securing a job and progressing in your career.

‘You are your brand’ (Jeff Bezos)

It’s therefore important that you understand your personal brand, your unique attributes and strengths and moreover recognise that you can intentionally develop your brand

Organisational brands

It’s no accident that well-known company brands are highly memorable. Ask any audience for examples of well-known brands and similar names will come up: Apple, Amazon, Google & John Lewis just popped into my head – which came into yours? Each has invested considerably in…

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