UK Graduate jobs. Good news – it’s a buyer’s market.

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Worried about your job prospects? Concerned you won’t be able to get a graduate job? Parents nagging you about your future plans? In that case, maybe some positive news about the UK graduate labour market might surprise you and lift your spirits.  It’s much more positive than you might think.

Three recent surveys, relying on research and data rather than media messaging each shed a positive light on many sections of the UK graduate labour market. The Institute for Student Employers (ISE) recently surveyed its members earlier this month. 177 employers participated. ISE members are responsible for very many of the graduate level jobs in the UK.

  • ISE members report graduate vacancies are up 20% on pre-pandemic levels. 2022 vacancies are set to increase by a further 22%.
  • It is currently a buyer’s market. The numbers of finalists and graduates applying for jobs has dropped. Almost half of those recruiters…

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