My first term teaching: Kwaku’s first term roundup…

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In the first few days, it was a surreal experience being back within school halls, seeing students milling around, being referred to as “Sir”, and meeting my new colleagues.

I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting. I remember an initial feeling of elation after being assigned to my school, then a wave of doubt thinking “Oh no, what if the kids are terribly behaved and they don’t like me?” But I came out of my very first year 7 lesson breathing a massive sigh of relief – the lesson went much better than I thought it would! Then the next lesson came around, and again, not too bad. Now a whole term has passed and I’m still standing; exhausted but alive and engaged!

As expected, the challenges (and highlights!) of my first term revolved around my students. My biggest worry going into school was behaviour management: what if they…

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