The Death Penalty Project

Project Overview

Are you passionate about human rights law? Curious about the US common law system? If so, then the Pro Bono Death Penalty Project (DPP) is is a fantastic opportunity for you.

The DPP is a unique pro bono project at Warwick Law School. Through our Attorney-Support Programme, We work remotely with legal offices across the USA to offer students practical research tasks surrounding the death penalty and an insight into the US legal system, particularly issues concerning mitigation and effective legal representation.

Opportunities available

Become Project Volunteer – As a Project Volunteer, you will be assigned several research/administrative tasks throughout the year that will focus on death penalty matters. The tasks are spread evenly across the year and are accommodating to busy schedules. The role has no application process and is open to those from any degree.

Apply to be a Group Leader – This involves managing a group of several students, overseeing their progress in project tasks, and reporting back to Project Leaders. This role is ideal for those with strong leadership skills and those with past experience of the project.

Apply to be a Research and Publicity Officer – This brand new role involves researching, curating and producing content for the DPP social media platforms. Seeking to expand our online presence this year, a Research and Publicity Officer would be responsible for raising awareness of death penalty cases and the social disparities of capital punishment in the US. This role is ideal for those with strong research skills and a creative flair.

Benefits of getting involved

Manageable – Project tasks are assigned semi-regularly throughout the year and close to breaks. This means that even with a packed schedule, participation in the task is possible on top of other commitments and a good demonstration of time management.

Research skills – Research skills are a critical employable trait, especially in the profession of law. The project tasks will engage and refine your attention to detail and resourcefulness through wide interaction with databases, journal articles and media content.

Social awareness – The project revolves around sensitive and relevant issues, like racial and social discrepancies in the US legal system. Becoming involved in the project and its social media is a great way to stay abreast with pertinent, real matters. 

Death Penalty Programme Internship

For many years, the project has also offered the chance for students to apply for the programme’s internship hosted by our US partner offices. The internship offers practical exposure to US legal work, such as conducting legal research; contributing to case briefs filed in US courts; and taking witness statements in areas such as criminal, medical and human rights law.

Although the internship is unlikely to go ahead this year, previous participation in the project is highly valued in the application process should the internship relaunch.

Key dates

03/10/22 – 21/10/22 Application period for all roles

03/10/21 Pro Bono Presentation – attend to see what the project offers and ask any questions you might have!

How to apply

Please follow the links available in our Instagram bio and our Facebook group – the links of which can be found here:

Instagram: @warwickdeathpenaltyproject


Twitter: @warwickdeathpe1

Contact emails

Contact our Project Leaders if you have any questions!

Rhys –

Shimona –

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